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6 tips for selling your iPhone! - RefreshedApples

6 tips for selling your iPhone!

Would you like to get your iPhone ready for sale to get the maximum amount for it? Here are 6 tips for selling your iPhone:

1. Make a Backup
Before wiping your device, it's wise to make a final backup to secure your photos and other data. You can choose either an iCloud backup or a local backup on your computer. If you have automatic iCloud backups enabled, there's a good chance a recent backup has already been made. If not, go to the Settings app, tap on your profile name, go to iCloud, and manually create a backup.

2. Erase iPhone
To make your iPhone ready for sale, you need to restore it to factory settings. This is necessary so that the new owner can use the device. Follow these steps:
- Ensure your iPhone is charged or connect it to a charging cable.
- Open the Settings app.
- Go to General and scroll down.
- Tap on 'Transfer or Reset iPhone.'
- Choose 'Erase All Content and Settings.'
- Confirm the erasure by entering your passcode.

3. Clean Your iPhone
Using an iPhone case and screen protector are smart investments to make your device look as good as new. Use compressed air to remove dust from the microphone, speaker, and other openings. This contributes to the aesthetics of your iPhone and increases its appeal to potential buyers.

4. Gather Original Accessories
The value of your iPhone is increased if you can offer it in the original packaging, including original accessories. Also, adding other accessories, such as cases or cables, can make your iPhone more attractive. It gives potential buyers the feeling that they are getting a complete package.

5. Choose the Right Selling Method
Consider where and how you want to sell your iPhone. Options include local sales, online platforms like Marktplaats, or trading it in at Apple. Selling within an Apple enthusiast community can be advantageous, but make sure you get a fair price. It's also important to take safety precautions for in-person meetings, such as choosing public meeting places.

6. Minor Repairs
If your iPhone is still under warranty or if you have AppleCare, consider having minor repairs done. An iPhone without technical defects will fetch more than a damaged one. Keep in mind that this may take a few days. Investing in repairs can, however, result in a higher selling price and a quicker sale. By following these comprehensive steps, you not only prepare your iPhone for sale but
also increase the chance of getting a good price while providing potential buyers with a worry-free purchasing experience.
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