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Apple Introduces Apple Business Essentials for SMB’s - RefreshedApples

Apple Introduces Apple Business Essentials for SMB’s

apple business essentials

Last November Apple announced its new Apple Business Essentials. Now the beta is over, the service is available to each and every small business with up to 500 employees. Although only U.S. based companies can participate right now, it is believed the program will be rolled out to other parts of the world in the near future. This is all there is to know.

What are Apple Business Essentials?

Apple Business Essentials is a service that provides device management features for small businesses using Apple products such as iPhones, iPads or MacBooks. These features include:

  • Setup and onboarding
  • iCloud storage
  • Secure backups
  • Strong security measures
  •  AppleCare+ for Business (optional)*

*AppleCare+ for Business can be added to your Apple Business Essentials plan. With it you’ll gain access to 24/7 support, immediate on site repairs and training for both IT administrators and employees.

Why it is beneficial for small businesses

Small businesses usually don’t have extensive IT departments. Non-experts are responsible for the mobile device management (MDM) which costs a lot of time and resources that could easily be better spent. Apple’s new DaaS solution takes MDM off your hands by offering an easy way to configure settings and apps for individual users, groups or devices. Everything is set up and works perfectly as soon as an employee signs in - complete with the security, storage and support they need. This way Apple Business Essentials save time, costs and a lot of frustration while enabling a smoother workflow.

Apple Business Essentials pricing

Apple Business Essentials is a subscription based service ranging from $2.99 to $12.99 per user per month, depending on the number of devices and the amount of iCloud storage an employee needs. The same subscriptions with AppleCare+ for Business Essentials range from $9.99 to $24.99 per user per month.

Need a plan?

Does your business need a new device plan? Or could you use some new, economically priced iDevices? We’re happy to help. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!
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