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MOQ 20 | Free shipping | 3-6 working days delivery in EU 📦 - Review score of 4.6 out of 5
Bulk iPhone for sale - RefreshedApples

Bulk iPhone for sale

Looking for bulk iPhones? It is well known that iPhones are popular phones. If you are interested in buying multiple iPhones, you are at the right place. Of course, you can buy new phones including a subscription. This will give you the excitement of owning a fresh new iPhone which is all yours. And you are also able to call, text and use the internet immediately since it comes with a subscription. But have you ever thought about buying a used phone? Second hand mobile phones come in different grades. It depends on where or from who you buy the used phone.

Buy iPhones in bulk

Since iPhones are such popular phones, it is possible someone in your network owns one. At some point they will decide not to use it anymore. They bought a new one themselves or got a new one iPhone from work. Their used iPhones probably work perfectly fine and it is good enough for a next owner. And there you go: multiple used iPhones for sale.

iPhone wholesale

On the other hand there are wholesalers who sell used phones. They also have second hand mobile phones which are waiting for a new owner. This new owner could be you! Again, having a new iPhone can be thrilling, but the idea of buying a secondhand phone is something you could consider. The good thing about an iPhone wholesale is that the phones are getting checked before selling. This means you can be sure that the used iPhones works fine and fits your needs. An iPhone wholesale distributer will make sure it does. That’s why used mobile phones from a wholesaler mostly comes with a warranty card. that’s how we work; interested? Check out our used iPhones here.

Saving costs without compromising quality

With refurbished Apple products because you can save a significant amount of money without compromising quality. This way, Apple offers top-notch technology at a much lower price than new ones. This is a big deal because now this budget can be used for other important projects and innovations. Refurbished Apple products are carefully checked and fixed to meet high standards, so organisations don't have to worry about them not working well or being unreliable. They go through detailed Apple tests and repairs to make sure they work just like new ones. This means money can be saved without having to settle for less quality.

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iPhones wholesale list

An iPhone wholesale distributer usually works with a list of available secondhand mobile phones. On this list you find all kinds of specifications. It will show you what kind of used phones they have in stock and for what price. iPhone wholesale prices depend on the grade the used phone received. The grade is based on the condition of the phone as well as the model. Also battery life, screen condition and the amount of scratches are important factors. We are very transparent about our grading system; check our list here.

More options at wholesale iPhone

Not really looking for a used phone? A wholesale distributer mostly has more than just iPhones for sale. A wholesale iPhone case is a good match for your fresh new secondhand phone. Your new phone might have a little damage, so by also buying an iPhone case you should be ready to go! If you wish to get your iPhone fixed instead of buying a new wholesale iPhone, you can buy wholesale iPhone parts. Ask for the iPhone wholesale list or iPhone wholesale prices and they can probably help you. iPhone parts wholesale can provide you a new battery, screen or camera without any doubt. Fixed and all and you are good to go!

Sell your used iPhone wholesale

Except buying a used iPhone, you are also able to sell your used phone. It doesn’t matter in which condition your phone is. You might even get more cash when selling it to a distributer compared to selling it to someone else. And let’s be honest: that is something we all like. Tired of your iPhone?  We like to buy! 

RefreshedApples iPhones Wholesale

Whether you like to sell or buy a used iPhone: at RefreshedApples we got you covered. We work with bulk purchases which means you can buy multiple used iPhones at once. When selling your iPhone as a secondhand phone, the amount doesn’t matter.


Want to learn more about refurbished Apple products? Discover our range and join the growing group of satisfied customers who choose quality, affordability, and sustainability.

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