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iPhone Depreciation: How To Keep Residual Value High - RefreshedApples

iPhone Depreciation: How To Keep Residual Value High

iphone depreciation rate residual value

As soon as you buy a new Apple iPhone, it’s value drops. Even if you didn’t unbox it. That is because people like to buy new devices instead of second hand ones. It’s just the way it goes. Luckily iPhones don’t depreciate as much as other phones. But what is the iPhone depreciation rate exactly? When is selling your iPhone still worth it? And maybe more importantly, how do you keep your residual value as high as possible?

The average iPhone depreciation rate

The iPhone depreciation rate depends on the model. Some older models like the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X depreciate faster than newer versions like the iPhone 11. These are the average iPhone depreciation rates for the latest models after 12 months* :

  • iPhone 8: 41%
  • iPhone XS & XR: 39%
  • iPhone 11: 33%
  • iPhone 12: ∼30% (expected)

  • *Actual numbers may differ depending on storage size and releases of new models. Typically bigger storage size means a smaller depreciation rate. New releases like the iPhone 13 will cause drops in the residual value of older models too.

    How to keep your iPhone’s residual value high

    Now there’s good news, you can keep the residual value of your old iPhone higher by treating it with respect and probably more importantly by using a screen protector and phone case. Both the tempered glass and case will prevent scratches and other damages when you accidentally drop your phone (which happens to all of us some time) and keep signs of use to a minimum. This way you’ll keep the condition of your iPhone as good as it gets - and the residual value as high as possible.

    Sometimes it's dead simple.

    How much are your phones worth?

    Got any old Apple smartphones or other devices like iPads, smartwatches or MacBooks? Find out what they’re worth right here and receive an estimated price. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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