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Upcoming iPhone SE 4

There are numerous rumors about the potential successor to the iPhone SE. While users of this device may not be seeking the latest and greatest, speculations abound regarding an upcoming iPhone SE 4, concerning the screen, features, and even a possible release date. Here is a summary of what analysts have suggested so far:

Design of the iPhone SE 4
According to recent rumors, the iPhone SE 4 might adopt the same design as the iPhone 14, featuring a home button-less casing. However, the device, code-named D59, may only have a single lens, possibly a 48-megapixel lens similar to that on the base model of the iPhone 15. Ming-Chi Kuo had earlier predicted in April 2023 that the iPhone SE 4 would inherit the flat side design of the standard iPhone 14, with the addition of Face ID, implying the retention of the notch.

Screen of the iPhone SE 4
There have been various rumors about the screen of the iPhone SE 4, with Apple possibly working on a 6.1-inch OLED display. Ming-Chi Kuo reported this in February 2023, following earlier speculations that the development of the next iPhone SE had been halted. The proposed 6.1-inch size aligns with the screen size of current standard models.

Battery of the iPhone SE 4
Concerning the battery of the iPhone SE 4, there are indications that Apple plans to use the iPhone 14's battery. This would result in improved capacity compared to the current iPhone SE 3 (2022). Such component carryovers from previous models are common in the iPhone SE series as a cost-saving measure.

Release Date of the iPhone SE 4
Analysts like Dae-Jeong Yoon and Ming-Chi Kuo suggest that the launch of the iPhone SE 4 might be delayed until 2025. Speculations surround the in-house development of the 5G modem, for which Apple does not seem ready. Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Tom O'Mally conclude from conversations with Apple's supply chain that a 2024 launch is likely improbable.

Specifications of the iPhone SE 4
Most rumors about the specifications of the iPhone SE 4 focus on the 5G modem. There is a suggestion that Apple aims to equip the device with its own 5G modem supporting only the sub-6GHz bands of 5G. The possible delay is related to the challenges Apple faces in producing this modem, and it appears that the iPhone SE 4 will continue to rely on Qualcomm modems for the time being.

As the successor to the iPhone SE 2022, which was released in March of that year, the iPhone SE 4 might offer an entirely new design and enhanced features, including a larger OLED screen, a more powerful battery, and possibly Apple's long-anticipated in-house 5G modem. While the exact release date remains unclear, multiple sources point to a potential launch in 2025.

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