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What can we expect from Apple's October event? - RefreshedApples

What can we expect from Apple's October event?

For a while, it was uncertain whether there would be an October event this year, but it's now clear: Apple's October event is scheduled for October 31st in the Netherlands, while it will be held in the US on October 30th. The event will take place at 1:00 AM Dutch time, on the night from Monday to Tuesday. The event is named "Scary Fast," a nod to Halloween and Apple's speedy chips.

Expectations for Apple's October event in brief:

New iMac: The announcement of a new generation iMac, expected as a successor to the 2021 M1 model.

New MacBook Pro: We can expect the latest editions of the MacBook Pro, possibly available in 13-, 14-, and 16-inch sizes.

New accessories: There is speculation that Apple might announce USB-C versions of Magic accessories such as the Magic Mouse.

These expectations are based on rumors circulating over the past few months. New iPads are reportedly not expected until 2024. Other products like a new Apple TV are also not anticipated, which is further supported by the Finder logo included in the event invitation.

iMac 2023
It seems highly likely that a new iMac will be announced. The current iMac model dates back to April 2021 and has not been updated since. The new model is expected to feature the M3 chip, given that Apple released the M2 chip last year, and the M3 is in development. Possible improvements could focus on the chip, camera, or screen features, but major design changes are not expected.

MacBook Pro
Although Apple already launched the M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro models in January, there are suggestions of more powerful versions in the works. This could potentially involve the introduction of the M3 chip, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chip. No major design changes are expected, but minor adjustments, such as improvements in screen brightness, may be on the agenda. A price reduction is also considered a possible improvement.

Additionally, there's a possibility that Apple will update the 13-inch MacBook with an M3 chip without the need for an M3 Pro or M3 Max chip. A new design in line with the current MacBook Air is conceivable, although there have been no rumors about this.

MacBook Air 2023
The likelihood of a new MacBook Air at this event seems small. According to sources, a new MacBook Air with an M3 chip is not expected until 2024. Moreover, Apple released the new 15-inch MacBook Air with an M2 chip just three months ago, making a successor with an M3 chip premature.

New Magic accessories with USB-C
Apple may use this event to update its Magic accessories. Recent updates have converted Lightning accessories to USB-C, such as the Siri Remote and iPhones. With the expected new iMac, a refreshed range of Magic accessories with USB-C seems plausible.

Additional News
Apart from the points mentioned above, no additional announcements are expected during Apple's October event. The Vision Pro will not appear until the spring of 2024 in the US, iPhones and Apple Watches were recently launched, and new iPads are not expected until 2024. Other Mac models, such as the Mac Pro and Mac Studio, were updated last summer. There is a slight possibility that Apple may have a new Mac mini with an M3 chip in the pipeline, but further announcements are not anticipated.

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