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What To Expect From WWDC22 In A Nutshell - RefreshedApples

What To Expect From WWDC22 In A Nutshell

what to expect from wwdc22

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2022, or WWDC22, is held from June 6 to 10. During this digital-only event Apple traditionally announces new operating system updates and technologies and while also providing some insights in the new features. This way developers are able  to begin preparations and testing well in time before the launch in fall. So, what can we expect from WWDC22 this year?


First up, we’re pretty sure that Apple is launching iOS16 for their iPhones later this year. We don’t expect radical changes in look and feel, but Apple surely brings some quality of life updates to the table. It is expected that those updates primarily focus on the lock screen introducing more customization options and the ability to place your favorite widgets on it.

Tap To Pay

We’ve talked about Apple turning iPhones into credit card payment terminals before. However, the Tap To Pay feature was still in its infancy at the time. Now we might see an update on the progress and procedures during WWDC22 but we can’t really confirm it yet. The keynotes will tell.

New features in iPadOS, macOS and watchOS

Although iOS16 will probably be the most impactful update, we do expect to see some cool new features in iPads, MacBooks and Apple Watches. For iPadOS16 and the new macOS those features are probably related to multitasking while your Apple Watch might get better health-tracking technologies.

A new processor?

As with all developer conferences, WWDC22 evolves mainly around software updates. However, rumors are that the Silicon Valley tech giants also may announce a new processor for their laptops and computers. The so-called M2 processor provides even more power and significantly speeds up devices. If we’re lucky we might see a glimpse of new MackBook Air and MacBook Pro releases too.

Get in touch

Amongst a ton of smaller updates, this is the biggest WWDC22 news we can expect. Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions. We’re happy to discuss some Apple related news!

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