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Apple Now Makes Face ID Repair Possible - RefreshedApples

Apple Now Makes Face ID Repair Possible

apple face id repair

When the Face ID feature of your iPhone is flawed, your complete phone often will just be swapped due to the repair work being too complicated and costing too much to be profitable. But that might change. According to an internal memo, Apple is now planning to make Face ID repair possible without replacing the entire iPhone. And that’s huge.

Same-unit Face ID repair

Said memo speaks of technicians gaining access to additional TrueDepth Camera service parts, including front camera modules that contain Face ID parts for iPhone XS and newer. With these parts Apple and authorized repairmen can carry out same-unit Face ID repairs instead of turning to rear system repairs or whole-unit replacements. In addition, technicians can receive training to perform these kinds of repair work.

Why is this important?

The announcement is important on multiple levels. First of all, it benefits consumers. In addition to the introduction of Apple Self Service earlier this year, costs of repairing a defective Face ID feature will probably be even further reduced (although no pricing details have been made available yet). Both in terms of parts and labor. This is especially good news for iPhone 13 owners whose Face ID’s stopped working after their screens were broken as we reported here.

But it is also a big leap forwards in Apple’s ambitions to become carbon neutral by 2030 and achieve zero-waste (more on that here). Repairing would lower the need to produce even more newer models. That is not only commercially interesting given the current chip shortage, but it also reduces Apple’s carbon footprint by a lot. So with Face ID repair Apple is potentially killing two birds with one stone.

Got problems with your Face ID now?

Sadly, Face ID repair isn’t available yet and we don’t really know when it will be. However, there is no need to worry if your Face ID function isn’t working properly now. We’ve got your back. You can easily replace your damaged phone with a new model at a fraction of the costs yourself: buy your new iPhone here.

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