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MOQ 20 | Free shipping | 3-6 working days delivery in EU 📦 - Review score of 4.6 out of 5
buy used ihpone or refurbished which is better

Buying A Refurbished Or Used iPhone: Which One Is Better?

buying refurbished or used iphone

When looking for an iPhone for your business and employees (or yourself), you probably heard about refurbished and used iPhones. Most people assume they are the same thing. Well, guess what? They’re not. There is a key difference between used iPhones and refurbished models. So, what are they exactly? And more importantly, which ones are better to buy?

What is a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone is a used device that has been returned because it was faulty, because it has been used in a demonstration or simply because the owner changed its mind (which we can’t imagine by the way). Anyway, these devices can’t be sold as new ones. That’s why Apple or third party repairmen conduct a series of tests in order to find and replace deficient parts. So basically a refurbished iPhone is a used model that has been cleaned and restored to its former glory. Nothing less.

And what is a used iPhone?

A used iPhone is pre-owned by someone else. Used devices haven’t been restored or repaired in any way, so they may show some wear and tear from their previous owners. However, used iPhones are still equipped with all original parts. Why is that important? Well, the insides of used devices tend to be of higher quality since they haven’t been tinkered with. Oh, and Apple might also stop key functions from working when particular parts are replaced (as they did with the iPhone 8 and the new iPhone 13, but more on that here).

So which one is better?

Refurbished iPhones are usually on the cheaper side but also might contain unofficial parts where a used iPhone generally costs more but is of higher quality due to their original inside. So whether buying a refurbished or used iPhone is better all depends on your budget and needs. 

Want to know more?

Are you dying for more information about used or refurbished iPhones? Or do you want to know possible solutions for your organization? Feel free to get in touch. We’re happy to help.

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