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Most Popular Phones of 2021 (And What To Expect in 2022) - RefreshedApples

Most Popular Phones of 2021 (And What To Expect in 2022)

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Traditionally, the last few months of the year are the most important for all phone brands and retailers. Whether it’s for gifts or to start the new year with a fresh phone for yourself, this is the time where people spend most of their hard earned cash. So, what was the most popular phone when we look at Q4 of 2021? And what can we expect in 2022?

The most popular phone of 2021: Apple iPhone

The notorious Apple iPhone was -again- the most popular phone in 2021 according to global technology market analyst Canalys. Apple was responsible for 22% of all smartphone shipments versus 20% for Samsung and 12% for Xiami. This market share is due to an increasing demand for the iPhone 13 which is quite remarkable since Apple is struggling with a chip shortage that slashes manufacturing goals bij 10 million devices.

What to expect in the upcoming months?

Although the chip supply issues are set to continue in 2022, we still believe Apple maintains the top position when it comes to smartphone market share. Mainly because other tech giants are experiencing the same chip complications and Apple is probably releasing yet another new phone model in the first part of this year: the iPhone SE 2022. So, if you love your old iPhone SE 2020 2022 might be the year to finally get an upgrade.

Best iPhone in 2022

With the best specs, an increased battery life and an extra camera is the iPhone 13 Pro Max probably the best and most popular phone you’ll find all year. The iPhone 13 Pro has slightly less battery life and the regular iPhone has less processing power and lacks the third camera at the back of the phone. Nevertheless, these are all great options if you’re looking for a new phone. The downside is that they’re all quite expensive. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, however, still compete with the best phones out there and are now available for a fraction of the price.

Need help?

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