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Warning: Apple Noise Canceling is Gone on iPhone 13 - RefreshedApples

Warning: Apple Noise Canceling is Gone on iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is out for a few months and there is an outgrowing complaint from users: the Apple Noise Canceling feature is missing on their new devices. It might be a bug that is going to be fixed in the next update, but it might as well be intentional. Anyway, this is all you need to know right now.

What is Apple Noise Canceling?

Apple noise canceling is a feature on iPhones that automatically reduces ambient background sounds on calls where you hold the phone receiver next to your ear. This way phone calls sound more clear - even when you’re calling in noisy areas such as open-plan offices or outside along the road. It is a pretty handy feature, especially in a business context where more and longer calls are usually made.

How to turn iPhone noise canceling on?

On older iPhone models you can easily turn Noise Cancellation on by going into your settings. From your Home Screen navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Audio/Visual. There you can tap the switch to turn Phone Noise Cancellation on. This works for the iPhone 8 up until the iPhone 12. However, the iPhone 13 simply doesn’t have this feature.

Does it come back?

To be fair, we don’t know yet. It remains unclear whether the missing noise canceling feature is a bug or a decision that was made on purpose. Multiple sources refer to a conversation on Twitter in which Apple Support claims that it is simply not supported where others refer to a message from Apple saying that their engineers are working on it. So we guess time will tell. 

Up until then iPhone 13 users will have to stick with a workaround using Voice Isolation (although that feature is intended for FaceTime calls) or simply buy AirPods or a headset.

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