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Buying Iphones in bulk

One-stop solution | For sale: (broken) iPhones in bulk

Are you a business owner? Then you may have several iPhone requirements; we know how important your Apple needs are. With the rise in demand for iPhones in business, it becomes even more difficult to source them in bulk. However, we change that for you and make your Apple requirements super easy to get fulfilled that too in wholesale!

Second hand mobile phones

How do we do that?

We have an extensive network of suppliers who have worked with us for decades. Our network is what makes us have super strong roots in the game especially when buying used iPhones in bulk. Businesses around the world are extensively using used iPhones to fulfill their tech and communication needs since we have a seamless supply chain that is designed to get your iPhones in a bulk order in a jiffy. Say NO to wait list, damaged used phones and scams!

iPhone wholesale

Why You Need RefreshedApples For Bulk iPhones?

On the other hand there are wholesalers who sell used phones. They also have second hand mobile phones which are waiting for a new owner. This new owner could be you! Again, having a new iPhone can be thrilling, but the idea of buying a secondhand phone is something you could consider. The good thing about an iPhone is still a premium device, and users rely heavily on its functionality. However, with some suppliers, you may end up with a locked bulk iPhone or those that have been refurbished to the core, leaving you with little to no features. That means your entire bulk iPhone order and the investment is gone to the dumps! wholesale is that the phones are getting checked before selling. This means you can be sure that the used iPhones works fine and fits your needs. An iPhone wholesale distributer will make sure it does. That’s why used mobile phones from a wholesaler mostly comes with a warranty card. that’s how we work; interested? Check out our used iPhones here.

How do we avoid that?

RefreshedApples understands when business owners are buying used iPhones in bulk they are placing great faith in wholesalers. That is why we have a strict quality control team that checks every used iPhone for its reliability. Whether you want to buy for your employees in large quantities, or you want to redistribute to the market, we’ve got you!

Gone are the days when the end consumer had to scratch his head trying to get a hold of bulk iPhones without experiencing any hiccups. RefreshedApples does the grunt work for you and supply your devices at your doorstep.

Gold iphone refurbished sale

We Follow Your Deadlines For Bulk iPhone Orders

We understand that our customers may need the devices for various reasons, and often those reasons are time-sensitive; If you are trying to source bulk iPhones by yourself, it can be super time-consuming and unreliable since there are chances you will end up with faulty iPhone devices. We help you skip the time crunches and dilemmas by providing you with speedy deliveries after all our devices undergo stringent QA testing.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Get Your Hands On Unlocked iPhones

Have you encountered locked bulk iPhones from a supplier? Perhaps this is one of the most significant issues when sourcing the devices from a wholesaler. RefreshedApples understands that time is of essence for you and unlocking the device can lead to more problems if done by the customer; hence when we sell to you in large quantities, we ensure that the devices are permanently unlocked.

Our professional teams will unlock iPhones for you, and our inventory is regularly updated with many used models that are ready to be shipped.

How To Take Your Pick when Buying Used iPhones in bulk?

We at RefreshedApples have graded our used iPhones based on their conditions. This allows us to serve a broader market with different budget requirements. We never serve to make money; instead, we are here to build community relationships and offer high-quality products to business owners for their various client or employee needs.

Let's save the planet by reusing iPhones and extending their life.

The Advantages of Buying from RefreshedApples!

Resellers and suppliers around the world have deep trust in RefreshedApples due to the longstanding relations we have built with them. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to issues in all the used iPhones; therefore, we are able to identify them easily. We never sell to you before we eliminate all the issues from your phone, thus no need to worry when sourcing from us. We discard hundreds of iPhones due to their conditions, and they never meet the final consumer.

We want all our customers to look out for our iPhone inventory frequently as the stock runs out pretty fast. Get the color, model and specs you need by visiting our page regularly, and we will serve you the highest quality used iPhone that are good as new.

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It has been a pleasure having WeBuyApples as a member on since May 2020. They have done business with several members successfully and we are happy to have them on board.

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I've been doing good business with these gentlemen for a year. Easily accessible, quick responses and great service.

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Nice partner to work with. Reliable and honest! Thanks!

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